Does CBD Oil Really Help Treat Pain?

If you suffer from recurrent or chronic pain, you may have heard others talk about using CBD oil for pain and walked away wondering whether or not the claims about CBD oil are true. Can CBD oil really help treat pain?

Pain can completely take over your life, gnawing away at you as you try and go about your daily business. Working at your desk, picking up the kids, driving your car - the most simple, everyday tasks become a nagging problem. And yet conventional medicine often falls short in terms of delivering a solution.

Prescribed pharmaceuticals may not provide enough pain relief, or you may find the side effects intolerable. More and more people are discovering that CBD oil is a great alternative.

Read on to find out more about the growing trend of using CBD oil for pain relief.

CBD Oil vs Traditional Pharmaceuticals

A growing number of people are finding that the traditional drugs prescribed to them by their physicians just aren’t right for them. Whether it’s non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or opiates,  either the pain relief isn’t effective enough, or the side effects are intolerable. In the case of opiates, they can even be habit-forming, creating a much larger problem than the pain alone.

By contrast, organic CBD oil is seen as effective for pain relief, with very few side effects.

What is CBD Oil?

It has been shown that CBD oil has been used medicinally for over 1500 years. It has a wide-ranging number of health benefits, but what exactly is it?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. These cannabinoids interact with our body’s own endocannabinoid system to produce a variety of effects. Some cannabinoids, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cause the well-known feeling of getting ‘high’ that is associated with cannabis usage. However, CBD is not psychoactive, which makes it a good option for those looking for pain relief while keeping a clear head. 

CBD oil is produced by extracting the CBD from the cannabis or hemp plant and then suspending it in a carrier oil (coconut or hemp seed oils are both popular choices).

We recommend using an organic CBD oil, or a vegan one.  Preferably both, if possible.

You can apply the oil topically, inhale it, or take it orally, whichever works for you and your needs.

The scientific evidence in favor of using CBD oil for pain is beginning to mount.

How Does CBD Oil for Pain Relief Work?

The human body is home to the endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate sleep, appetite, pain and immune response. By directly and indirectly affecting our cannabinoid receptors, CBD oil impacts our experience of pain, helping us to feel more comfortable.

Having said that, research suggests that the benefits of CBD go far beyond its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. For example, CBD is known to interact with glycine receptors and adenosine receptors which affect our experience of pain and inflammation.

One study found that CBD injections allowed rats to better tolerate the pain of surgical incision, while another piece of research showed that CBD treatment was hugely beneficial in terms of reducing the painful symptoms of sciatica.

Some of the most promising results for the use of CBD oil for pain have been found in relation to treating multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. The oral spray Sativex is now approved in several countries for multiple sclerosis treatment, after success in relieving pain symptoms in a number of human studies, while Epidiolex is gaining popularity for its reduction of epileptic seizures.

What Types of Pain Does CBD Oil Help to Treat?

CBD oil has been shown as highly effective for a number of types of pain relief, including:

Muscle pain

CBD oil is an effective treatment for everyday muscle spasms and inflammation. However, these effects can go even further when treating people with certain conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy, where the pain can be chronic and acute. A 2014 study of patients with Parkinson’s disease found that participants reported a reduction in tremors and involuntary movements after using cannabis. Research is still in its infancy, but the results so far are very promising and gives new hope to people who are living with painful and untreatable conditions.

Back pain

Chronic back pain is one of the world’s most prominent causes of disability. Traditional treatment involves prescription opiates, which are addictive and have a number of side effects. Using an organic vegan CBD oil for back pain may be a more reasonable option. CBD oil for pain relief can reduce inflammation and pain without the negative side effects of opiates and NSAIDs.

Joint pain

If you’re suffering from joint pain through an injury or conditions like arthritis, then using CBD oil for pain relief could be a good idea. It can reduce inflammation in the body, thereby reducing pressure and pain in the joints.

Pain associated with autoimmune disorders

Because organic and vegan CBD can act as an immune suppressor, it can help with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. These autoimmune disorders cause the immune system to attack and destroy the wrong cells. As CBD oil inhibits this immune response, it reduces or eliminates the pain and inflammation caused by it.

Whether you’re looking for a vegan CBD oil, an organic one, or a product that’s both, the evidence is mounting that it’s a highly effective treatment for pain relief. If you have tried all other pain relief options, but found that they don’t work for you or the side effects are too much to manage, then CBD oil may provide the long-awaited relief you’ve been looking for.